Acupuncture is a way of life!
Acupuncture is a way of life!


Here's what people are saying about acupuncture for balance.

"Behnaz Vahed is incredible at what she does. She has helped me to find balance and peace in my life. Through her healing, I have learned so much. From menstrual difficulties to overwhelming stress, anxieties and day to day concerns, nothing gets by her. She is steadily there with an explanation and solution.
Her treatments are like going to paradise for an hour. Heat, comfort, relaxation, and trust. Always leaving with a smile on your face and feeling much better than you did when you walked in. She not only helps you in the room but leaves with you knowledge to practice day to day.
I am overwhelmingly grateful to know her and I value the time we have together as she is a wealth of information. Her abundant amount of knowledge on the body, blood, hormones, pain and beyond is astounding. She is an all around healer and my trusted doctor and friend.


Thank you Behnaz, you have changed my life."

Erika Smith

"I started seeing Behnaz Vahed to help me with PMS symptoms and hormone balance (using Chinese herbs). I do not have any major health issues; however, I have been amazed as I continue to have her treat me at how fast I get symptom relief from other things that come up like colds (sinus), headaches, and backaches it’s wonderful to walk out of her office pain free and it’s not just temporary it’s really gone.
Behnaz knows what causes my various symptoms and which herbs or nutritional supplements will support healing. I highly recommend her treatments for all conditions.

Lori Munger

"I highly recommend Behnaz as someone who has made a difference in my well being. For years I have had sore throats that were debilitating. I can say without a doubt that due to treatments with Behnaz I have not had a sore throat in years. If I only had to choose one avenue for my well being that avenue would be with Behnaz. She truly has made a difference in the quality of my life. "

Joanna Wood

"I first heard about Dr.Vahed's acupuncture practice through a friend who highly recommended her expertise regarding women's health. I had also come to find out how dynamic and effective Behnaz' approach to acupuncture were, due to her warmth and keen sense of intuition. Following a period of emotional and personal issues that were happening in my life at the time, I sought out Dr. Vahed in the hopes of regaining a sense of harmony and balance that had been lacking for quite some time. By receiving regular acupuncture treatments, Behnaz was able to facilitate my journey back to a state of well-being that I had lost. She always has a way of knowing just what kind of treatment I need. I have been going to Behnaz for acupuncture treatments for over 2 years now and am very grateful for all that she has done for me. Thank-you Behnaz and God Bless!

Sincerely, "


Nenita McElroy

"Just a few days after being diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2007, I was blessed to be directed toward Behnaz Vahed.
Her wonderful acupuncture care miraculously eased my path through recovering from the bilateral mastectomy surgery. During the months of grueling T.A.C. chemo treatments, appointments with Behnaz dramatically reduced my symptoms of nausea, headaches, and exhaustion. Months after the sentinel node surgery, I developed severe lymphedema of my left arm and hand. I purposely wanted to do my own comparison of care options. My oncologist directed me toward a physical therapist that specialized in working with lymphedema and was in-network with my insurance coverage. After 3 weeks of M-F daily appointments, uncomfortable wrapping 24/7, and wearing a compression sleeve/gauntlet there was almost no progress reducing the swelling. I was told to get used to doing daily routine self-care for the unsightly and uncomfortable swelling and accept daily wearing of the sleeve/gauntlet for life. I then asked Behnaz for help. By using the Lymphstar for lymphatic drainage and her gentle massage, the fluid visibly reduced 50% during the first pleasant treatment. Within days the swelling was gone. I am happy to report in September, 2009, I continue to be free of the daily sleeve. Yes, I have the lymphedema diagnosis and follow all precautions, yet, I have no daily swelling. I have a life wonderfully free of compression garments. Behnaz is a remarkable multitalented woman with a gift for healing. I am so very thankful to have her on my medical team.

Teresa McConnon

"I have been a patient of Behnaz’s for over 7 years and I credit her work with keeping me a healthy individual. Her keen intuitiveness recognizes potential problems before they have a chance to take hold. I highly recommend her services and would be pleased to discuss this matter with anyone."

Bill Wood

"Behnaz has helped me in so many areas of my health, I'm not sure where to start...
I initially came to her to help me get pregnant with my second child and lucky for me I was blessed with a baby girl. Shortly after she was born Behnaz helped me recover from a c-section and get ready for an extensive hip surgery. Her care was critical in the surgery recovery.
Since then, she has helped me with chronic bladder problems, anxiety, back pain and digestive issues.
I been to many acupuncturists, but none has been as effective as Behnaz. She seems to give me just what I need every time.
I look forward to every appointment and feel marvelous afterwards. Thank you Behnaz for making such a difference in my health!


Sally W.

"My experience with Behnaz is that she is an amazing balance of intelligence, awareness, intuition and compassion. She is very dedicated to helping people to heal and she is good at it. She has been able to dramatically reduce my back pain when no one else was able to even touch it. I am certain she has saved me from spinal fusion surgery. She treats the whole person and is very informed on all the latest research. Bless you Behnaz! "

Judy Liu ,LMFT

"I started with Dr. Behnaz through a pain management program at my medical group, several years ago. Of all the treatments offered, acupuncture provided the most relief. Dr. Behnaz is caring, humorous and totally professional. She has a sixth sense about what my body needs each time I see her, and I am so glad I found her."

Debra Quick-Jones, O.D.

"I came to Behnaz a little over 5 years ago...I came because my Doctor knew that "Western Medicine", was not helping me, it was actually causing more problems. I knew very little of Acupuncture or Chinese herbs, medicine, there ideas, but I trusted my Doctor and knew what she recommended I should follow as there was no "little pill", that was going to make me feel better. I did buy a book, shortly after visiting Behnaz, which educated me on the World of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, herbs.
What was wrong with me that caused me to be in this state....I went into a hospital, pretty healthy for a "Routine Hysterectomy", there is no such thing, as I found out. I was in my 50's..small, petite, slim, type A, had lots of energy....the operation was not a success, I woke up in intensive care...something won't one knew why this happened...but something that was being pumped into me begin to strangle my vital, they stopped the operation!!!!!!I still had to go back a month later & have my uterus & ovaries removed, as the tubes had been cut already.
I never recovered properly.....I arched all over & pain got worse, I was tired, I was gaining weight and the list goes on.....I was diagnosed with Fibromyalia, Chronic Fatigue, menopause...duh....maybe thyroid... went to a few Doctors and they were useless. I finally found a wonderful D.O., who gave me the time and worked with me...but even she could only do so much.....I was at about the end of my rope and desires to exist...then I went to Behnaz......
My husband & I totally believe, without Behnaz, I would not be here today or if so, I would be a pretty much a non existent human being.
Behnaz, is spiritual, understanding, intuitive, she knows what she is doing. and she knows you as the patient........and always, always gives you her time and attention. M.D's, there are a lot, but only a few are worth, there are a lot of Acupuncturist's, but only few can even hold a candle to Behnaz.
Behnaz is not about selling potions & brew, she is about you and educating you on yourself, body, spirit,, all of those things play into our well being.
She has helped me regain my life again, she has helped my husband, when he was on Liptor, (he should not have been), he is healthy, the Liptor was causing blood sugar issues, etc.....quit that and is now doing ok...and thru Behnaz, has found a male Doctor that he is happy with & will interface with Behnaz.
Behnaz is the best of the best! I love her and trust her totally. I am not trusting of most...but, her agenda is your health and you as the person. I have many people since this episode, going to an acupuncturist, not Behnaz, as they all live in other parts of the country. Even they wish they could have Behnaz. She is unique, she is just not some Acupuncturist.
I could go on, but then it would be a book.
Thank you Behnaz for giving me my life back, for your kindness, your friendship, your caring and your Love.

Virginia Collings.

"At 27 years of age I was looking to grow and start my family, after trying to conceive for quite some time, to no avail, I sought out the help of doctors and fertility help. At this point the doctors diagnosed me with early menopause, how devastated we were as a family to be told that we were not going to be able to have children due to me suffering from menopause at such a young age. After many restless nights and searching all aspects of possible help I sought out the possible help of Acupuncture from Behnaz. Thanks to Behnaz and the miracle of Acupuncture our family has now grown and my husband and I are the proud parents of a 1-½ year old healthy, active son. We thank Behnaz for all of her help and the fact that she practices this miraculous treatment of acupuncture, which has helped us start, are family. Word can’t express the amount of gratitude we feel for Acupuncture and Behnaz’s practice.

Thanks Again

Jeanette, Tim, and Evan Loser

"Behnaz is a highly qualified, dedicated professional, with a big heart. She truly cares about her patients and has an extensive knowledge base that includes Chinese herbs, vitamin supplements, homeopathics, and more.
I have been going to Behnaz for several years, and have brought my children, husband, and mother to her, as well. My physician referred me to her, stating that she was the first acupuncturist she had found that she felt that she could trust with her patients. We have found her to be knowledgeable, responsible, and professional. Her treatments have been extremely effective for us.
When any of us have gone to Behnaz at the first sign of a cold or flu, it has been over within about 24 hours. My children are now 17 and 19, and they have each only needed antibiotics once in the last 17 years. I have no problems with taking my children to the doctor, but with Behnaz’s guidance we have learned what to do to cure colds and flu symptoms without antibiotics. At one point, their pediatrician had assumed that we had switched to another doctor because we hadn’t needed to see her for 2 years, since the last routine physical exam! That is what happens when you see Behnaz preventatively and at the first sign of illness – you don’t need to go to your allopathic doctor as much.
Behnaz’s treatments are also great for aches and pains and many internal problems that would probably surprise you. Both my mother and I have had ailments, that other doctors said could not be helped, simply melt away from Behnaz’s treatments.
I think, though, that the treatments with Behnaz are even better, in some ways, when you are not in a health crisis, than when you are. My personal philosophy is that I would rather see her and continue to feel good and not need to go to doctors, than to not see her and need to spend that time seeing regular doctors and taking medications because I had become ill. Illness begins subtly; by the time you feel symptoms you have probably been “growing” the problem for months or years without realizing it. Behnaz can detect those imbalances in your pulse and, hopefully, get you back on track before you progress to a disease state.
Behnaz strives for you to be as healthy as you can be, rather than just alleviate illness. I am nearly 60 years old, and my treatments with Behnaz have enabled me to age healthfully, without any major complaints. I sleep well, feel good, and have not had any of the menopausal symptoms so common in my peers – no nightsweats, hot flashes, depression, etc. Yes, I do what I can to eat well, exercise, and have a positive mental attitude, but Behnaz’s treatments have definitely made a noticeable difference.
Another really cool thing about Behnaz is that you can purchase herbs from her to have at home. She will educate you on how to use them, so that if you begin to feel sick at a time when she is unavailable, you can get your treatment started so that the illness doesn’t progress into something more serious.

Lind Hart, PhD

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