Acupuncture is a way of life!
Acupuncture is a way of life!

Hormonal Therapy


Acupuncture can alleviate many menopausal symptoms by rebalancing the hormonal system, especially headaches and migraines, hot flashes, heavy periods, back pain and sagging skin tone. Heavy and erratic menstrual bleeding in pre-menopausal women can be relieved by this technique. It can also relieve the pain and headache associated with menstruation. Acupuncture has positive effects on insomnia and stress. Treatment can improve the mobilization of chi to the nervous system to aid poor memory and concentration.
    A Swedish study of 21 women with menopausal hot flashes found that acupuncture significantly reduced symptoms, with its effects lasting at least three months after treatment had ended. Acupuncture may be used alone or in combination with herbs and other remedies. Some alternative practitioners suggest that acupuncture affects aspects of the nervous system that give rise to hot flashes.
    Benhaz has successfully treated menopausal symptoms using acupuncture, herbal and natural hormone therapy based on a saliva or blood test. Treating thyroid and adrenal deficiencies has a major effect in reducing menopausal symptoms.

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